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Texting On Your Phone Can Lead To Death.

REPORT FROM NYC HYPNOSIS :Amazingly what we’ve found in our NYC Hypnosis Practice is that people are NO LONGER retrieving their voice mails out of pure, unadulterated fear, that maybe it’s a creditor on the line looking to repossess the cat, or bad news and they’re just not in the mood for it … and after a while, they have conditioned in, programmed if you like,a new fear … scary but true.

Text messaging is SAFER. In the realm of the mind, It keeps one at a distance. You can answer without retaliation. Without the need to defend oneself. But the end result, we’re seeing clients coming in with more anxiety, more fear than ever before. Just the sound of the alert of a cell phone message can trigger pure panic attacks. And think about what’s being conditioned in, when your child’s cell phone blares off indiscriminately every time a fear or negative thought surfaces in your mind … Just a thought.

Don't Pick Up That Text Message

Texting: Death Of Communication

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