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Hollywood Hypnotist: When The Industry Panics, Who Do They Call … ?

Hollywood InHouse: Guess The Big Hollywood Studios have learned. They have given up on the expensive rehab facilities in favor of a powerful new form of NYC Regression Hypnosis To help their out of control stars cope with drug abuse and self destructive tendencies, in particular when it comes to substance abuse (Alcohol and drugs), say insider gossip columnist Topel.

California Hypnosis in Los Angeles , in San Francisco“Hollywood’s Major Studios have reached out to a NYC hypnotist, Professor John Petrocelli, a lone crusader in the alcohol rehab movement who specializes in his own version of effective, alcohol abreaction hypnosis (aka The S.C.R.I.P.T.s method). John Petrocelli is referred to as ‘The Professor’, is secretly flown onto sets and makes his residence in a small, soundproof trailer, with a tarnished weathered sign which simply reads, ‘The Meditation Shack.’ Anyone entering the set involved with the production have to sign a non disclosure agreement just to enter on the set as Hollywood execs try to keep this hush hush.

A Dreamworks Film Executive said, “Imagine the stakes. You have a 20 million production being held up, by an actor who’s experiencing emotional trauma and using substances, the professor and his protege Brian K, have been a lifesaver.”

Professor Petrocelli’s self evolved S.C.R.I.P.T.S technique has been referred to as an ‘exorcism’ of the soul, releasing past traumatic memories in a way that allows one complete freedom from childhood limitations. ‘For an actor, this work beats years of acting exercises. It’s so freeing. You become in touch with your inner self, and its easier to express yourself without being judged,” said Collen McKenna, a Hollywood newcomer. “It’s the edge, but I’ve seen the dramatic changes in someone who’s worked with the technique. It’s so freeing.”

Professor Petrocelli is a NYC Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist with over a quarter of a century experience dealing with extreme hard core NYC Hypnotist: Best Hypnotist In new york citychronic offenders, and he flatly likes a challenge. Growing up on the then Mafia-controlled, NYC’s South Greenwich Village, he witnessed firsthand tragedies, many of his friends O.D.ed from Heroin, Pills and Alcohol abuse. The Professor said, “I started this work to find an answer, not only to help my friends, but to help me. I grew up in this ‘mob-controlled’ element with all the fear and paranoia they experienced. I got results. But despite thousands of clients I helped, no one wanted to hear it till Hollywood came calling and witnessed first hand what this work can do.”

“You’ve got to have the stomach for this work. Actors are great to work with. They’ve been trained to express themselves. And you take them through some of the most gut-wrenching experiences and almost re-imagine the experience to a productive and fulfilling memory.”

Professor Petrocelli said, “This work isn’t for everyone. We have an amazing success because addicted clients won’t contact us usually till they’ve hit rock bottom. They’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked for them. We don’t Accept everyone.

I asked the Professor, “Will Hypnosis Work for Lindsay Lohan?’

“Hypnosis Is A State of Learning which we utilize to construct new behaviors, new beliefs, but you have to have the desire for the results. Unfortunately, many aren’t finished ‘punishing themselves’. In the case of Ms. Lohan, yes, the studios have reached out. But in Ms. Lohan’s published words, “I’d like to die young … like Marilyn …’ We can only help those who in the words of a famous author, “When you’re tired of being sick and tired.”

The NYC Hypnosis Center is located in NYC’s Garment District, two blocks from Macy’s, Professor Petrocelli’s practice incorporates a ‘who’s-who’ in the Fashion, Film and Entertainment business after gaining attention from the industry a dozen years ago being 1 block away from Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Studios.

New York City Hypnosis center is located one block from Macy’s in NYC at
152 West 36th Street, NYC 10018 – 212 964 4450

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