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Hypnotherapy Versus Hypnosis – NYC Hypnotist Claims Hypnosis Is Limited in Comparison

NYC Hypnosis, the best hypnotist in new york city

NYC Hypnosis Hypnotherapist Professor John Petrocelli


NYC Hypnosis Center: Full immersion hypnosis, an approach which I developed over a 35 year career, is a total full immersion, comprehensive overloading of both emotional and physical energies in a lengthy 3-5 hour combination hypnosis/hypnotherapy session that produces overwhelming , dramatic, life shifting positive change in the participant
A total ‘synergistic’ approach that combines the goals, desires, passions (a person’s criteria aka a wish list of what one could only have previously dreamed they could possess in a three step, three session program.

Step one: Eliciting the Dream … What one would like their life to become. No boundaries of imagination are held back here. Every major invention started as a thought. I dredge from you the very criteria that leads to what gives you Freedom, Happiness and purpose in your life in a very masterful, fulfilling way.

Step Two: An Emotional Purging and Rescripting of the erroneous emotions and beliefs that are keeping one ‘status quo’ … (aka STUCK) , in a way that frees one from the attached, unhelpful , unresourceful beliefs that have now become the destructive patterns and habits of the present using the wisdom of one’s own adult mind as to what is possible.

Step Three: Restructuring Hypnosis / Repatterning – We now condition using hypnosis techniques of active visualization and imagination , whether it’s restructuring old, unresourceful beliefs to a new productive outcome .. or … instilling new beliefs, ideas, patterns of behavior.


Clients after the first session report changed sleep patterns: Sleeping through the night, waking up feeling refreshed. Almost a slowing down of the mind, where they’re able to focus and manifest their desires. A quieting of the mind were all the worries and distracting thoughts dissipate. Some report an extreme calmness and assertiveness around others. Many report luck, and that meaning, “People say I look younger, calmer, happier. I’m carrying my body in a different ways. I’m on a lucky streak. Good things keep happening in my life.

Each process is at a different level the conditioning cycle. For example: When a person under the influence is drunk, certain remembered transgressions will repeat whenever at that level. When sober, the state has changed, and the alcoholic can no longer recall until again inebriated.

When one studies in a quiet environment, they are not equipped to recall as easily as when one is in a stressful, test taking situation.

The session is structured to take you through the various levels of learning and relearning where the results are applicable to any state of conscious activity.

The Second Humanistic Hypnosis Session is geared toward resolving anger or what manifests as disguised Anxiety (Many in the new age movement believe they have been able to forgive someone while the resulting tension still lingers in their body).

This session moves one toward real forgiveness. Total forgiveness benefits oneself as it clears up a lot of anxiety, tension in the body.

Techniques involved in this process arrived from the world of hypnosis, Gestalt, NLP Reframing as well as simple repentant forgiveness. A very abreactive process (emotional cleansing), clients report over the long haul, stress, tension, manifesting in particular areas of the body dissipate . A sense of calm where they’re able to open up and forgive, even spend time and reestablish dysfunctional family relationships but now without the resultant anger, and having the assertiveness to do so.

Again, in this session, we reinforce criteria with conditioning in one’s life as a new emerging of truth comes about. What you may have thought you HAD wanted, isn’t really what YOU DO WANT. Previously, it was the best solution your mind can conceive with the limited resources and experiences one has.

Third session: This session, as it may be over a significant span of time since I’ve seen the client, again focuses on criteria and what’s ‘new’ in ones life. And whether the criteria is still applicable as to one’s new emerging emotions and feelings.

Clients report an elimination of ‘The Voices’, that 10 year old self which has now become the critical parent, reinforcing the limitations and erroneous beliefs. This results in a forgiveness of oneself. A letting go, almost a total exorcism of guilt.

This process has been fully developed, tested and proven successful with thousands of clients following 9/11 as our office was in the footprint of the disaster and we stayed in the area for the following 10 years. The major incarnation of what was possible was when John Petrocelli first experienced a very minimal form of what was possible months after being caught in the debris show while walking to work the morning of 9/11.


As a boy, learning the elements of hypnosis, I was frustrated by the change process and how long it took. Even rudimentary hypnosis took many sessions and required continual reinforcement in many clients. I dreamed of a cabin environment where 12 participants would spend 3 days going through powerful, transformational change, total immersion.

I never imagined what would emerge from that early dream was a process that accomplished more than I ever expected, in less time and elicited such powerful patterns of behavior, I could have never conceived of at the time.

The New York City Hypnosis Center – The Original with Professor John Petrocelli

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