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Master ‘Internship’ Hypnosis Training – Best For Those Who Want To Learn Immediately

hypnosis-class2New York City Hypnosis Training : When you need to cut out the fluff and learn the essentials to help others, and MAKE money, by learning from the top industry pros, where are you going to go …..

Professor Petrocelli’s – Three Day IMMERSION Hypnosis Training
(held in New York City, New Jersey, London and SF)

Hypnosis Training In NY, NJ, CT, PA
NYC Hypnosis: Anyone Can Be hypnotized

212 964 4450

New Jersey Hypnosis Training – Train to be a Prestigious New York, New Jersey Hypnotist with New York City’s Premier Hypnotist – Professor John Petrocelli (as seen on ABC, PIX, GOOD DAY, NEW YORK POST, NEW YORK NEWS)graduating

March 28, 29, 30 – BECOME A MASTER, CERTIFIED NYC HYPNOTIST in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

THIS IS AN INTERNSHIP, MASTER TRAINING .. but open to beginners.
This is like a BOOTCAMP for learning just what you need, none of the fluff, to be competantly doing hypnosis the day you graduate (in three days) … Why … Because we teach you EXACTLY what we do, very simply, and you WILL ABSORB everything by doing the exercises.

3 DAY, Master Compressed course proven ….to show you how to change lives, help friends, family and make money by a NYC’s Hypnosis change specialist


hypnosis-class1Imagine, what you could do as a Master Hypnotist, in less than a week?

* Erase life debilitating habits that are the destructive force holding back your friends and loved ones

Such as ……
– Smoking Hypnosis NYC (help smokers stop smoking cigarettes in one or two sessions)
– Over eating And Weight Loss Hypnosis In New York City – Doesn’t everyone have a few lbs. to lose
– Alcoholism – Stop Drinking With NYC Hypnosis Expert – Yes, these are serious techniques folks
– and destructive Negative Thinking – Self Sabotage, you know the drills

With ….. The worlds most complete, fully ‘hands-on’ immersion Hypnosis Training, In just 6 life-changing days, you are guaranteed to become a master hypnotist that will help your friends and family and also make money helping others.demo-hypnotherapy

You will be totally confident in your hypnotic ability because you will leave the training with more knowledge and experience than most hypnotists practicing today. After this amazing 6 day course, you will be able to walk into a therapist’s office and start working with clients the very next day …..or .. start your own hypnosis practice and BE YOUR OWN BOSS and earn back every cent you paid for the class within the first month..

This is all Because …..By the time you complete this advanced hypnosis training seminar you will have hypnotized and received the benefits of hypnosis dozens of times..

That’s RIGHT !!!!
You will already be an experienced master hypnotist when you leave this course.

You will learn how to increase your own personal power:
By the end of this training, You will find yourself becoming more commanding and persuasive with others, through learning and practicing how to covertly install powerful suggestions to create the positive change in their lives.

To help you get even more out of the experience. You will also be hypnotized for positive changes in your own life. Memory enhancement, self-confidence.. increased concentration … or only a few of the benefits that will be worked on directly in the class, to give you a permanent advantage you can call upon throughout your whole life to increase your own quality of life.

What’s it worth to be able to help your friends and family for the rest of their lives to:

Lose Weight hypnosis in new york city
Stop Smoking with New York City Hypnosis
Conquer and Eliminate habits

Or to learn a career that you can easily make money with helping others?

Don’t miss out ! Enter your first name and primary email address in our powerful email reminder service to secure your seat in our next exclusive hypnosis training. This class is offered only once a year so don’t pass up this opportunity because seats fill up fast and class are kept small for individualized one-on-one training. Do it now.


Learn the specific techniques not to do the same things your parents did to you and save your children the pain typically associated with growing up by parents who didn’t know better … because you will.

Some of these things are life changing and life saving

Help them overcome their debilitating, life threatening habits.

You will know more than most practicing hypnotists in three days …..

Things you’ll learn … you have a more complete understanding of the human psyche than most of society …. Of how the mind works … which gives you an advantage throughout your life.

EXTRA MONEY … and who couldn’t use it with todays job market … having something you can fall back on …. …. Make additional extra money in todays economy … helping others and you will only get better in time. And the skills are with you … they’re completely portable …

New York Hypnosis Center – with Professor John Petrocelli – The Original

New York Hypnosis Training

New Jersey Hypnosis training (Rutherford, Montclair, Paramus)

Pennsylvania Hypnosis Training: Become a licensed hypnotist in Pennsylvania

Experience New York City NYC Hypnosis With New York’s #1 Results Orientated Hypnotist

Professor John Petrocelli

Learn Stage and Street Hypnosis IN New York city

New York City Hypnotist Training

Spanish Hypnosis


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