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NYC Hypnotist Says: Get A Good Book! 95 percent of NYC Hypnotists Are Not Qualified!

new york city hypnotist

new york city hypnosis

New York City Hypnosis Center’s Director: Professor John Petrocelli says: that reveals the secret techniques that allow one to get mind boggling, life changeing, boots shaking results. You Can’s Learn How To Do Result’s Orientated Hypnosis From A book. Why? The Book hasn’t been written yet You Learn Hypnosis From A Book?

That isn’t hypnosis. It’s learning how to instill the proper programming. And You Won’t Learn That From Attending a Hypnosis Course Either .. Read On .. !

“I spent over ten years playing with primative hypnosis techniques which I culled
from the early hypnosis ‘pulp’ books to achieve change with hundreds of people,
from friends, family members, to any stranger who ventured within the sound of
my voice before I even knew that a hypnosis training course existed.”

I grew up in a the then ‘mob-controlled’ South End
of NYC’s Greenwich Village.

Because there was no available training at the time in NYC, I formed
‘pre-internet’, the first and largest free Hypnosis / NLP practice group in
the world, called Sleepwalkers, and 3 to 5 nights a week for three years
I held free hypnosis practice and training meetings (about 3 hours each)
in different locations(friends apartments, the local library, the park,
Barnes and Nobles common areas) in the tri-state area
(NY, NJ, and Connecticut) and


I taught thousands the basic Elman and NLP rapport and languaging
the skills immediately after
Learning them….

The Sleepwalkers organization grew so big internationally (it wasn’t
non-profit, it was ‘no profit’ or better still ‘out-of-my-pocket’.

For about 5 years after, many hypnosis teachers sort me out and
‘courted me’ because I was putting boatloads of students through
their courses …. The NGH made me #1 on their hit list because
we had such youthful groups taking an interest in hypnosis, they
saw me as competition.

changedodyAn interesting thing .. many of these students who received their
so called certification from one of these big orgs at the time, came
back to sleepwalkers saying that they learned more in the free
Sleepwalker sessions than the several grand
they just blew on these so-called hypnosis training courses.

I spent maybe a hundred grand after that … taking everyone’s hypnosis
course I could afford .. I realized, I learned way more from a book and going out and implementing, DOING THE WORK …. getting the experience ……
I’ve had to retrain hypnotists who have come to work at my
NYC hypnosis Center… to DO HYPNOSIS from a

999399_592095637491396_475498771_nSome big organizations keep you the perennial student, always
hoping, always dreaming of doing this work some day … well .. for
many … that someday doesn’t come …….

I say, get out there. You will learn from your mistakes.
Have the dignity to call up those whom you worked with (or charged) and
ask… ASK …. how they’re feeling after the session. What they notice is
different in their lives after the session? You will learn more from
‘doing’ than many of these Big Org’s worthless courses. Any really
good hypnotist will tell you they didn’t walk out of class and have
the skills necessary ….

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