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The Politically INCORRECT HYPNOTIST .. In NYC He’s Banned From Most Hypnosis Organizations For Getting Results

changedodyNYC Hypnosis: Are You Letting The Good One’s Disappear
Escape Out Of Your Life By Judging On First Impressions
And Not Giving The Love Of Your Life The Chance To Prove
IT? Read on … You need this info !

BTW: I’ll tell you a story that illustrates it an important
point that will certainly help you in relationships.

One of my cousins has a huge company. He makes oodles
of money which his accountant says, he could either spend
on certain luxuries (which the IRS allows him to deduct as business
expenses or GIVE it to the IRS).

One day, my cousin went into a Jaguar dealership in torn jeans
and a soiled fishing shirt. He was looking at this fully decked out,
high performance, customized Jaguar on display.

A ‘Seasoned Salemen’ walked over and started to tell him all

NYC Hypnotist: Best Hypnotist In NYC

NYC Hypnosis Professor John Petrocelli

all about the car … matter of fact, he was actually trying to discourage
my cousin, snubbing my cousin as a potential buyer …

My cousin said, “I want this car.”
My cousin said the salesmen had this incredulous smirk, like
he was being spat at as he said to my cousin, “You couldn’t
possibly afford This Car.”

My cousin looked at him and said, “Get lost.
My cousin called to the brand new, young salesmen who was sitting
on a chair watching closely, evidentally, it was his job to observe the master salesmen at work over and said to him.

“Do you work here ? Write me up an order for that car … I don’t need
this idiot judging me. ”

Well …That young salesmen on his first day, sold the most
expensive Jaguar that car ever had in it’s dealership.

BTW: The seasoned salesmen’s jaw dropped !
My cousin said, he looked as if he had a heart attack.

lauren-001i-nnI could imagine what his manager said when this young upstart
salesperson told the story of how the seasoned guy …. Almost
let the ‘Big Un’ get away ! 🙂

Guilt … Past Misconceptions

How many times do we judge others without knowing.
Even a lowly oyster could be hiding the worlds richest,
most glamourous pearl within it’s fishy exterior!.

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