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NYC Hypnosis: Do You Have Low Self Esteem? Apply This Easy Test !

Do you have low self esteem? Want to find out by just doing this test on
a friend or co-worker. It’s easy ….This is how you CAN IMMEDIATELY find
out how a person FEELS internally about themself?

Compliment this person ….. Now .. observer and
watch how they react to the compliment.

If they are suffering from low self esteem is low, they will immediately
apologize or make some sort of banal excuse for attempting to appear attractive today,
or tell you it was a fluke they look good today... or they look at you incredulously.

Second (NYC) hypnosis experiment:

Next day, give this a try.
Tell them , “OMG .. What’s up with you … You really don’t lookt so hot.
Ask them, “Did something happen? IS something wrong?”
And scan them with your eyes so they are aware you’re looking at them.

NYC Hypnosis Low Self EsteemWatch, I can almost guarantee, they will tend to agree with you and
EVEN be more interested in your opinion of them about their flaws!

They  will be nodding in agreement and
might even consider you to be more truthfu
l, more
honest than someone who genuinely compliments them.

You have just delved into their internal psyche.
You’ve just climbed into their brain for a moment.
But on the other hand, consider how you would feel if someone did the above to you.



Now you’re entering the world of a hypnotist and one of the secrets to knowing others.
The New York City Hypnosis Center – Professor Petrocelli’s Original (don’t be fooled by the imitators if YOU WANT RESULTS) … has been helping New Yorkers move forward in a  highly complex, stressed out city for over 35 years. Give us a call 212 964 4450

NYC Hypnosis Center Secrets

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