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Hypnotist Gets Paid To Help People Cluck Like A Chicken… Really ?

 “Am I going to make you cluck like a chicken? Sure, If that’s What You really want,” says NYC Hypnotist.
But I’m sure you’re much more intelligent than the big network producers believe you are. And of course, they want you to believe that hypnosis is having you levitate like a  mindless zombie controlled by the crazed hypnotist. Almost as if the hypnotist possesses supernatural powers. And with syndicated shows delving into the supernatural reaching epic proportions … well, there are some people who buy into the fantasy. But is that the true reality of hypnosis ? No way.

Here is a snapshot of a hypnosis session, particularly a NYC Hypnosis Center Session which is much more ‘you-centered’ than anywhere else according to our clients who continue to send us their family members… Time restraint of course .. our sessions typically run from 1 1/2 to 6 hours, one-on-one, with each person. But then again, we get results. Isn’t that what you want.

Click on the Sentence Below to View NYC Hypnosis Video

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  1. Cheers for the useful article on hypnosis – I alway enjoy reading anything by professor petrocelli !
    I always enjoy reading this blog. 🙂

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